::Upcoming Event's

05-04-2015 LIVE 10:00 am House Executive Committee Hearing (National Gaming Trends) Room C-600 Chicago

05-05-2015 LIVE 10:00 am Responsible Budget Committee Press Conference (Revenue Report) Blueroom Springfield

05-05-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm Rep. Morrison Press Conference (SB1564 Health Care Right of Conscience) Blueroom Springfield

05-05-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm House Floor Debate Coverage

05-05-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

05-05-2015 LIVE 01:30 pm Illinois Policy Institute Press Conference (Jobs Creation)  Blueroom Springfield

05-05-2015 LIVE 03:00 pm Senate Human Services Committee Hearing (HB2482 Public Aid - Kidney Transplantation, HB2543 DCFS - Custody Notice, HB 4096 MHDD - Individual Care Grants) Room 409 Springfield

05-05-2015 LIVE 03:30 pm House Appropriations - Human Services Committee Hearing (FY-16 Proposed Refugee and Immigrant Services Elimination) Room 114 Springfield

05-06-2015 LIVE 10:00 am Clean Energy Coalition (Energy Issues) Blueroom Springfield

05-06-2015 LIVE 11:30 am Children's Place Association Press Conference (Pre School Cuts for HIV/AIDS) Blueroom Springfield

05-06-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm House Floor Debate Coverage

05-06-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

05-06-2015 LIVE 01:00 pm Rep. Dan Burke Press Conference (Charter Schools Legislation) Blueroom Springfield

05-07-2015 LIVE 10:00 am American Cancer Society Press Conference (Mothers Day Initiative) Blueroom Springfield

05-07-2015 LIVE 11:00 am House Floor Debate Coverage

05-07-2015 LIVE 11:00 am Senate Floor Debate Coverage

05-08-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm House Floor Debate Coverage

05-08-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

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